Gaming Community - Media Production - Esports

The Tuskbow Raiders started as a small group of friends gaming together. Over the years the games have changed but what remains the same is a group of people who love to enjoy games with others. We have developed into a Gaming Community and Media Production and Esports organization. We create content and support individual creators, host and sponsor ESports Events, and much more. We look to continue to expand our group and join many in a community that enjoys playing and sharing their gaming experience with others.

  • 2013
  • $1000+
  • 2000+
  • 20+

Meet the organization staff

  • Lazulio

    Director of Operations
  • TCookies

    Director of Development
  • Slap

    Director of Media
  • Caffean

    Director of Esports
  • Gellous

    Competitive Games Manager
  • Delsato

    Server Manager
  • Bubs

    Community Manager
  • Chase

    Marketing Manager
  • Brycero

    Production Manager
  • Tomii

    Community Team Member
  • Sooyyaa

    Community Team Member
  • Miller

    Community Team Member
  • Jay

    Community Team Member
  • Nunzy

    Marketing Team Member
  • Donor

    Production Team Member
  • Gunvir

    Production Team Member
  • Sky

    Production Team Member
  • Kernal

    Production Team Member
  • Kurahaneko

    Production Team Member
  • Nit3Star

    Production Team Member