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About The Tuskbow Raiders

Community ⬧ ESports ⬧ Media Production 

⬧ Started as a group of friends enjoying games together and developed into an organization with a focus in ESports and gaming media.

⬧ Exemplify the gamer lifestyle and reach a large audience of game enthusiasts and professional ESports players/teams.

⬧ Over 20 Staff Members including editors, graphic designers and commentators

⬧ Support a growing creator program of streamers, influencers and other content creators

⬧ Organize and host ESports tournaments

⬧ Provide production and other media services to clients

Latest Event Details

Valorant – Flash Fridays Weekly Tournament

(Stats as of 3/9/21 – 12 Events)

176 Unique Teams

5,478 Twitch Viewers

Valorant – Challenger Cup Series 1

(Stats as of 10/26/20 – 2 Events)

65 Unique Teams

1,398 Twitch Viewers

Sponsor Opportunities

Flexible Ways to Promote Your Brand

⬧ Event Naming

⬧ In-Stream Advertisements (Video Commercials, Logo Placements, etc.)

⬧ Use and promotion of products during stream

⬧ Branding on promotional media

⬧ Prize pool additions (Monetary or product samples/merch)

⬧ Giveaways Social Media Promotions

⬧ And Much More!